M.E., Embedded Systems & Technologies


The main objective of embedded system is to impart the knowledge on Microcontroller based system design and real time system. It is achieved by learning the features of programming languages and real time communication. The faculty of electrical and electronics engineering offers a 2 year masters programme in embedded system. This multidisciplinary programme has an increasing exposure towards embedded software and systems dependability. This programme also includes importance of real time systems, a complete embedded product life cycle.


To help the students understand the basics of embedded system, their importance and to make them learn the various resources in the embedded system. The students are also trained in the lab to build their own hardware and to develop their own software to their system.


Provide an accredited dynamic scholarly environment wherein students learn to develop communications and leadership abilities to blossom as a professional. Develop life-long learning skills that allow them to be adaptive and responsive to changes in society, technology and the environment, as well as career demands. Ensure that every graduate is aware of the role and responsibilities of the professional engineer in society through appropriate ethical exposure to equity, public and worker safety and health considerations, together with the concepts of sustainable development and environmental stewardship.


The main aim of this laboratory facilitates post graduate students in the field of embedded systems to develop their technical skills and practical knowledge for their career. Various signal processor kits are available in larger number to help students. Apart from the hardware lab,NS2 simulator software ,MATLAB software used to implement newer applications.


8051/ PIC Microcontroller boards, Msp430 microcontroller, ARM 7 Development Board with RTOS, Microcontroller kit with Ethernet Controller & Board Support PackageTemp Sensor, DSP Processor TMS 320FC5X/3X series with code compressor studio, Xilinx/Alterc FPGA Kit like Spartan/Virtex/ Altera Cyclone FPGA with board support packages ,Xilinx cool runner XCL, TMs 3202X/C5X series DSPprocessor bits, Universal programmer VLSI Ki5, DSP Processor TMS 320FC5X/3X series with code compressor studio, NS2 simulator Software.

ARM 7 Development Board with RTOS

Royalty-free, deterministic RTOS with source code, Flexible Scheduling: round-robin, pre-emptive, and collaborative, High-Speed real-time operation with low interrupt latency, Small footprint for resource constrained systems


The project area mainly deals with wireless application by using the following wireless technology like Zigbee,GPRS,GPS,DSP,ARM and Smart automations.With the help of simulation tools and software’s like Lab View , MATLAB , KEIL,Network Simulator ,MP Lab, Xilinx etc . In recent decades Robotics play a major role in embedded system Technology, Robotic project like gaming robotics, line tracking, breeder reactors robotics. Finger Print Technology and Level Sensors are recent improvements in Embedded system.