Department of Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering, generally known as ‘Rocket Science’, is a Specialized Field of Engineering that involves the science & engineering of aircrafts and spacecraft’s including aeroplanes, helicopters, rockets, missiles, space stations, space-shuttles and many more such flying vehicles operating within and outside the earth’s atmosphere.Aerospace Engineering deals with the research, design, development, construction, testing, collaboration processes, science and technology of aircraft &spacecraft, and their products. Aerospace Engineers also deal with development of new technology in aviation, space exploration &defence system.

The Department of Aerospace Engineering was started in 2018.Presently the department offers Bachelors of Engineering DegreeCourse affiliated to Anna University. The course is accredited byAICTE and the course covers, Aerodynamics, Aircraft and RocketPropulsion, Aircraft and Spacecraft Structure and Design, Aircraftmaintenance, Avionics, Space Science and Project work. Thedepartment has an intake of 60 students. The department hasorganized various workshops, seminars, guest lectures andsymposiums time to time. Students and Staffs are members ofvarious Professional Societies.


To become a center of excellence, equipping the students with value and skill based education, pursuing globally relevant research and producing professionals committed to nation building.


Impart quality technical education and unique interdisciplinary experiences

Develop the analytical, computational and design capabilities to provide sustainable solutions

Expose the students to the current trends and opportunities in the global Aerospace industry

Inculcate professional responsibility based on an innate ethical value system

Scope & Opportunity

Aerospace Engineering is more than hundred years old, but still this discipline requires a lot of innovation for development of next generation Spacecrafts, Launch Vehicles, Hypersonic Aircrafts, etc. Thus, this specialized field has become an ever-evolving discipline that is offering exciting career opportunities and challenges. With several private players entering the Aerospace Industry, bright job prospects for fresh graduates of this field have increased to a great extent. The broadening scope of Aerospace Engineering can be understood below-

With the multi-faceted training imparted to students of Aerospace Engineering, they are capable of manufacturing and developing aircrafts and missiles for aviation and aerospace sector.

Aerospace Engineers also design, test and contribute towards the development of new and advanced technologies in the domain of defense and space science.

In India, Aerospace Engineers are employed by premier organizations like ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), National Aeronautical Laboratory (NAL), Defense Research and Development Laboratories (DRDO), Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), etc. Also, there are so many job opportunities in countries like US, France, UK and Germany. Indian Aerospace Engineers are employed with NASA as well.

Aerodynamics Laboratory

Subsonic Wind Tunnel

The wind tunnel with force and pressure measurements facility forvarious models are used extensively for academic and Researchpurpose. An advanced pressure scanner is also available to measurethe pressure variation.

High Speed Jet Facility

A High Speed Jet Facility with storage tank of 4000ltrs capacity andtwo compressors with power 20hp each are available. Experimentsrelated to free jet, wall jet, RAMJET, etc., can be executed.

Spacecraft Structures Laboratory

Propulsion Laboratory

Our Recruiters

The demand for Aerospace Engineers is growing because of an escalation in the Aviation as well as Aerospace Industry. Some of the top recruiters are as follows:

  • Hindustan Aeronautical Limited.
  • Defence Research and Development Organization.
  • Indian Space Research Organization.
  • National Aeronautical Limited.
  • Bharat Dynamics Lmited.
  • Indian Air Force.
  • Jet Aerospace & Aviation Research Center, Kerala.
  • Vibrant NDT Services PVT LTD, Chennai.
  • Vayu Aerospace PVT LTD, Chennai.
  • Valeth Group of Industries, Hydrabad.
  • KUN Aerospace Private Limited, Chennai.
  • Boeing India Private Limited, Bangalore.
  • Avian Aerospace Private Limited, Chennai.
  • Titan Aviation India Private Limited, Chennai.