Science & Humanities


The Department of Science and Humanities consists of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and English disciplines. All the disciplines in this department exist as separate divisions and maintain individual identity. The Department comprises highly qualified, experienced and goal oriented members with specialization in various fields. The Department aims to provide value based education to the budding Engineers. Developing the moral behavior among the students, utilization of human resource and exemplary coordination in implementing the academic responsibility is the unique strength of the Department. The Department regularly organizes workshops, symposia and conferences in new emerging areas for the benefit of the students, researchers and industrialists.


To feed the budding Engineer with finer aspects of science and Humanities, which make him to understand, exploit and innovate, thus contributing to the technological advancement of tomorrow.

  • To encourage the inquisitiveness in a student and make him to understand the fundamentals of technology.
  • To inform the student with the latest development in science so that can exploit it for development of technology
  • To imbibe in the student the idea that understanding of an atom is very essential to understand the universe.
  • To instigate the “researcher” in a student so that he could be an innovator or inventor of tomorrow
  • To impart quality education and achieve academic excellence through planning, leadership, brilliance, inspiration and effectiveness in basic science.
  • To encourage and guide higher secondary students towards technical excellence and enable them transform into an organized and efficient engineering professional, with knowledge, ability and right attitude.
  • To develop organizational skills, core competence and ethics in first year engineering students, that they need, as true professionals and for achieving success in life.
  • To develop analytical skills, soft skills, inter-personal skills and build confidence and make students discover their strong personality.
  • To get consistent excellent results in both theory and practical.
  • To arrange lecturers related to Science and Technology.
  • To regularly publish articles, research papers, special books and manuals for Engineering Physics.

The Outcomes of the Humanities and Sciences major are common to the international standards for Liberal Arts studies or education and relate to all of the specializations. Graduates in Humanities and Sciences will achieve a level of proficiency with the following learning outcomes:

• Language
• Global Awareness
• Technological Literacy
• Information Literacy
• Critical Thinking
• Solving engineering problems
• Leadership


Physics and Chemistry Laboratory is well equipped and maintained properly. At a time 33 students can be accommodated to perform the experiments as prescribed by Anna University Curriculum. The lab is equipped with the modern devices to perform all types of experiments related. The labs of physics cover all basic needs and have sufficient work space accommodating enough students with well ventilation.The details of major components in the lab as follows:

S.No. Major Component in Physics Lab
1 He-Ne Laser source - Particle size determination
2 Optical Bench Set-up
3 Travelling Microscope
4 Ultrasonic Interferometer
5 Energy Band Gap Set Up
6 Spectrometer - gratings
7 Thermal Conductivity Measurement set-up (bad conductors)
8 Thickness of thin wire / Width of thin slit Measurement set-up

S.No. Major Component in Chemistry Lab
1. Conductivity Meter
2. Electronic Balance
3. Flame Photometer
4. Oswald Viscometer
5. pH Meter
6. Potentiometer
7. Spectrophotometer
8. Calomel Electrode
9. Platinum Electrode