Department of Chemical Engineering

The Department of Chemical Engineering was founded in 2017 and provides B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering with An intake of 120-student for the academic year 2017–2018.

To solve industrial related chemical problems, the B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering is a focused programme designed to have a balanced version of theoretical knowledge and practical knowhow in the fields of Basic Science, Physics, Material Science, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering Process and Control System, Industrial Manufacturing, and so on.

Chemical Engineering is a popular discipline of engineering that deals with large-scale manufacturing of chemicals, petrochemicals, biochemicals, food preservation, electronic materials, pharmaceuticals, everyday materials, energy, and the environment, among other things.

Workshops, training programmes, and conferences are held by the department on a regular basis in a variety of new thrust areas. Industrial trips, in-plant training, and internships are scheduled on a regular basis to help students obtain technical skills.

Furthermore, the campus offers a diverse range of events, activities, and other extracurricular and co-curricular programmes to complement student’s academic experience and help students to develop a well-rounded personality.

In order to prepare students for placement, personality development training programmes are offered in the third and final years of study. Competitive tests such as GATE, GRE, TOEFL, UPSC and others receive guidance.

By enrolling in the Department of Chemical Engineering, students will be a part of an illustrious history and an enriching graduate programme that will prepare students for careers in highly sought-after fields like Chemical Engineering. I hope to see students on our campus, which is full of opportunities for a bright future.


To strive for the development and transfer of technical competence in academic through formal and non formal education, entrepreneurship and quality research to meet the challenges of an ever expanding and global world..

  • Imparting quality technical education to the students in emerging areas of Chemical Engineering
  • Integrating industrial training with curricula.
  • Enhancing research and Development in the area of Chemical Engineering and allied Fields.
  • Non formal education through community Development programs
  • To increase interaction with chemical process industry.
  • To impart consultancy services to the chemical and allied industrial around the region.
Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Graduates of B. Tech. Chemical Engineering will

  • Apply principles of mathematics, science, and engineering to analyze and solve problems encountered in chemical engineering and related areas.
  • Think critically and creatively, especially about the use of technology to address local and global problems and become a socially responsible engineer by involving with community and professional organizations.
  • Exhibit professional, ethical codes of conduct, team work and continuous learning for catering the ever changing needs of the society.
Programme Outcomes (POs)

On successful completion of the B. Tech. Chemical Engineering programme,

  • Graduates will have the ability to apply the knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to solve domain specific engineering problems.
  • Graduates will have the ability to design and conduct experiments, also have the ability to analyze and interpret experimental results.
  • Graduates will have the ability to design systems, processes to meet specified objectives within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, ethical, health, safety and sustainability.
  • Graduates will have the ability to conduct investigations to solve the complex problem based on the realistic situation.
  • Graduates will have the ability to explore and apply the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary to solve Chemical Engineering problems.
  • Graduates will have the knowledge about Engineer’s responsibility for the up-liftment of the society.
  • Graduates will have an idea about the impact of process on the environment and resource management.
  • Graduates will have the ability to work as a member of multidisciplinary teams and have an understanding of team leadership.
  • Graduates will have the knowledge of professional and ethical responsibilities.
  • Graduates will have the communication skills in English language in verbal and written and also graphical form to convey their innovative ideas in an effective way at various forums.