The Research and Development Cell promotes a Research culture. Facilitation and promotion of the development of strategic direction of research within the Faculty, improvements in the quality and impact of that research, and the growth of local and national research collaborations. The members of R & D Cell are listed.

Composition of Research and Development Cell
S.No. Faculty members Designation Department
1 Dr. D.Arun Kumar Associate Professor EEE
2 Dr.K.Vishalatchi Professor ECE
3 Dr.S.Gopinathan Associate Professor CIVIL
4 Dr. D.Katheresan Associate Professor RAA
5 Dr. S.Anbu Associate Professor MECH
6 Dr.D.Karthikeyan Associate Professor BME
7 Dr. J. Arun Prasad Assistant Professor MECH

  • Facilitate growth of research activity in the Faculty, including developing mechanisms and targets to achieve.
  • Develop and maintain, coordinate and plan the development of research infrastructure across the Faculty.
  • Develop and coordinate strategies for maximizing the Faculty success in gaining external research funding.
  • Develop strategies to foster research collaborations, across Faculty and Institutes, industries.
  • Formulate faculty incentive provisions with respect to article publications in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Promote/ encourage faculty-student research leading to research publications.
  • Strive for high research planning activities and promote research culture across the Institute.
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