The National Cadet Corps is the Pride of our Nation which instills Discipline and a sense of Devotedness to the Nation. The Organization, which had its beginning in the year 1988 in the Country, made tremendous efforts to cultivate the spirit of Patriotism and Dedication to the pillars of the future generation through the Educational Institutes all over the country.

Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Engineering College, abiding the rules of the Country, also began the National Cadet Corps for the welfare of the students and mould them into great citizens of India. The students are organized by the Regional Division located at Crawford, Trichy.

Following the Instructions given by the Office, Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Engineering College regularly conducts Parade, Blood Donation Camps, Rallies, Training Camps, Tree Plantation programmes, thereby establishing a Mark on the History of its Institution and the Society. The motto of the National Cadet Corps is "UNITY AND DISCIPLINE"


The Caretaker for a National Cadet Corps is duly responsible for the Conduct of the Cadets belonging to all Categories, Junior Wing and Senior Wing. She will Co-ordinate the students in all the Parades, Training Programmes, Camps, Rallies and the Marching during Independence and Republic Day functions.

The Caretaker will also maintain the necessary documents for every programme and will act as the communicative person between the NCC Office and the respective Institution. She will help the Cadets during times of need.

The Official Training for a NCC Caretaker (Associate NCC Officer (ANO)) will be given at Gwalior for a period of 3 months. Prof.L.Jayanthi was the Official NCC Caretaker for the Cadets upto June 2016. Later, it was taken charge by Prof.K.Chandra and at present Asst.Prof.V.Nithya is the Caretaker.