Counseling & Healthcare Cell

Counselling is a systematic student-centred process based on a close student-advisor relationship intended to aid students in achieving educational, career, and personal goals. The nature of face-to-face mentoring might be to inform, suggest, counsel, coach and teach the students.

Composition of Counseling Cell
S.No. Members Designation Department
1 Dr.K.Anbarasan Convener EEE
2Mrs.S.R.Sowmiya Members CSE
3 Mrs.S.KrishnaPriya BME
4 Mrs.G.Preethi Sindhu CIVIL
5 Mr.P.Nallusamy CSE
6 Mrs.S.Sasikala ECE
7 Mr.C.Paramasivan @ Vignesh EEE
8 Mr.P.Ramu IT
9 Mr.G.Chandrasekar RAA
10 Ms.K.Vigneshwari FOOD TECH.
11 Mr.R.Anandhan MECH

Composition of Healthcare Cell
S.No. Members Designation Department
1 Dr.K.Vishalatchi Convener ECE
2 Mrs.R.Anbarasai Co-Convener CIVIL
3 Mrs.R.Aarthy Members CSE
4 Mr.S.Karpagarajan MECH
5 Ms.T.Gomathi BME


  • Identify students who require help Conduct counseling sessions
  • Refer students to experts for guidance
  • Organize lectures/seminars/workshops by experts and professionals
  • To identify the problem areas or difficulties of individuals, their potentialities and limitations
  • Facilitate the first aid for ill students
  • To give physical and mind health awareness with the help of counseling cell
  • Organize blood donation programme for student and social welfare.
  • Conduct healthcare program for students.