Master of Business Administration

The birth of the Department of Management studies as part of Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Engineering College in 2005, thrives to bring the Management Concepts & Technological advances together in an effort to develop management paradigm in new age.

  • To develop the knowledge in core areas of business including strategy formulation.
  • Facilitating & Enhancing the global competiveness of organization through leaders, entrepreneurs & managers equipped with state of art of the management knowledge.
  • Generating,Acquiring,Assimilating & Exchanging management to know from the global community.
  • Encouraging creativity & Pursuit of quality in all endeavor & accomplishments.

Our progressive curriculum integrates contemporary & future trends in business environment. Our department offers the most focused specialization like Marketing, Human Resource, Finance & System.


To develop the mark Professionals by facilitating & enhancing student learning & in-depth knowledge in this discipline. It enables the students to apply knowledge.


The focus of managing human resource has shifted to a strategic orientation with an emphasis on survival & growth of business. By combing academic rigor with practical relevance. The Program enables to integrate core business competition with interpersonal skills crucial to managing people.


It is designed to provide students with required skills in financial environment in-depth learning in financial instruments & markets.


It is designed to accomplish by measuring every steps in this sector to stay ahead of IT & system development in all verticals of business.

  • To facilitate and enhance the Students in Global Competitiveness through Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Managers and Trainers equipped with thorough Management and Industry Knowledge.
  • Educating and Nurturing Leaders of Institution and Entrepreneurial Organization and supporting them in their efforts in Continuous Research to Crate Higher Quality Talent and Value.
  • The Mission of the Department is to Create Ethical Future Leaders Capable of Managing Changes and Transformation in a Globally Competitive Environment.
  • To improve various Functional Approaches with regard to Business , industry and Public Services through Pursuit of Excellence in Management Education.

To produce MBA graduates who can use cross functional approaches to address organizational issues.

To deliver a curriculum that provides depth of material for MBA students concentrating on accounts that adequately prepares students for entry in to careers as professional mangers & leaders.

To deliver a curriculum that produce graduates who will fulfill the educational requirements of the college, including an awareness of ethical and global issues and an understanding of Political, Social, Environmental & Technological Issues.


All types of Industries, Banking, Insurance, Share Broking, HR Consulting, Marketing, System Admin and System Analyst.


Principles of Management, Statistics for Management, Economic Analysis for Business, Total Quality Management, Organizational Behavior, Accounting for Management, Legal Aspects of Business, Written Communication, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Applied Operations Research for Management, Business Research Methods, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Information Management, Data Analysis & Business Modeling, International Business Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Strategic Management.


Entrepreneurship Development, Organizational Theory Design & Development, Industrial Relation & Labour Welfare, Strategic Human Resource Management, Managerial Behavior and Effectiveness & Labour Legislations.

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, Corporate Finance, Merchant Banking and Financial Services, International Trade Finance, Micro Finance, Derivatives Management, Banking and Financial Services Management.

Brand Management, Retail Management, Services Marketing, Advertising and Sales Promotion, Consumer Behavior, Customer Relationship Management, Rural Marketing & Integrated Marketing Communication.

Advanced Database Management System, e-Business Management, Software Project and Quality Management, Data Mining for Business Intelligence.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Services Operations Management, Project Management, Lean Six Sigma.