B.Tech Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (AI & DS) is an outstanding course of current software programming / coding scenario. This Programme is being identified as the worldwide Emerging and Thrust areas of today’s Engineering field and was listed in the AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education): "Model Curriculum of Courses at UG Level in Emerging and Thrust Areas".

In DSEC, B.Tech (Artificial Intelligence and Data Science) is offered as a four years Full time Under Graduate (UG) Programme for the students. This programme is offered with a motto of preparing the student as an intelligent data analyst which is the key component in numerous real-world applications.

The Curriculum and Syllabus is being designed by the team of experts to match the recent Industry expectations with high focus on Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Data mining, Data modeling and also by promoting intensive inputs in the areas of machine learning, big data analytics. This Programme encompasses the students to get critical skills on AI&DS Analytics by proposing/learning more Mathematical modelling which is incorporated in their regular Curriculum and Syllabi.

By the successful completion of the Degree, the students will gain cross-disciplinary skills across various fields of Statistics, Logical Computer Science, Machine Learning, Data Scientists and will have excellent career opportunities in Healthcare, Business, e-Commerce, Social networking Companies, Climatology, Biotechnology, Genetics, and other important areas.


To develop globally competitive professionals in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Data Science(DS) by imparting cognitive learning of AI&DS tools with basic Computer Science Knowledge and by encouraging Global Industrial collaboration towards serving the greater cause of Engineering Society.

  • Impart knowledge in cutting edge Artificial Intelligence and Data Science technologies in par with industrial standards.
  • Inculcate research and lifelong learning that benefit society at large.
  • Promote ethical values and entrepreneurial skills.
Association activity
  • Orientation Program on Overview of AI & DS and Regulation: Dr.B.Karthiga, ASP:Dated: 3.8.21
  • Invited talk on If You can read it, You can Speak it: Mr.Cibi valan ,Independent Trainer :Dated:7.8.21
  • Webinar on Developing a Future Work force for AI Driven Enterprises : Mr.Robin Philip, Global Lead-Accenture :Dated:14.8.21
  • Guest lecture on Web Scraping : Ms.Jenila Shree JALS Network Pvt Ltd :Dated:25-9-21
  • Student centric learning on Scope of AI :Mrs.Rajalakshmi, Research Scholar, Anna University,Chennai:Dated:29-12-21
Student Corner
  • Mr.Bharathiraja-NCS Digisaksham-MS-Excel, C
  • Ms.Aksharalakshmi-Python e- Learning Course
  • Mr.Parasaran-Python e-Learning Course
  • Ms.Shrivardhiney-AI-Course era
  • Mr.Vinoth-Python basics-Course era
  • Mr.Vinoth.T-Google Course-Automation by Python
  • Mr.Vinoth-TCSion-Course on Career Edge
  • Mr.Naveen raj-Introduction to AI-Skillup Online course
  • Mr.Syed Sahith-Introduction to AI-Skillup Online course
  • Mr.Naveenraj-Python for beginners
  • Ms.Aksharalakshmi-Pantech-DOATHON-AI Master Class
  • Mr.Mahilesh Alagan-Pantech-DOATHON-AI Master Class
  • Mr.Siva-Pantech-DOATHON-AI Master Class
  • Ms.Shreesakthi-Pantech-DOATHON-AI Master Class
  • Ms.Shrivardhineya-Pantech-DOATHON-AI Master Class