Event Details
Date Link of the Report
Exhibition of innovation 13-12-2022 IICReport_C22-230103
Workshop on Design Thinking, Critical thinking and Innovation Design 23-12-2022 IICReport_C22-230096
Inter/intra institutional innovation Competition 28-12-2022 IICReport_C22-230102
Session On Achieving Problem-Solution Fit &Amp; Product-Market Fit 27-1-2023- 28-1-2023 IICReport_C22-230100
Workshop On Entrepreneurship Skill, Attitude And Behavior Development 30-1-2023 IICReport_C22-230099
Organizing Innovation and Entrepreneurship outreach program in schools/community 1-2-2023 IICReport_C22-230097
Expert Talk On Process Of Innovation Development & Technology Readiness Level &
Commercialization Of Lab Technologies; Tech transfer
10-2-2023 IICReport_C22-230098
Field/exposure visit 13-2-2023 IICReport_C22-230101
Workshop on prototype/process design and development 17-3-2023 IICReport_C22-231030
Organise an inter/intra institutional business plan competition 24-3-2023 IICReport_C22-231035
Exposure visit to incubation unit 6-4-2023 IICReport_C22-231032
Session on “how to plan for start-up and legal& ethical steps” 5-4-2023 IICReport_C22-231033
National Pollution control day 2-12-2022 IICReport_D22-230020
National Energy conservation day 14-12-2022 IICReport_D22-230021
National Youth day 12-1-2023 IICReport_D22-231000
National Startup day 16-1-2023 IICReport_D22-231001
National Science day 28-2-2023 IICReport_D22-231002
International Women’s day 10-3-2023 IICReport_D22-231004
Orientation session on IIC 5.0 features 11-1-2023 IICReport_M22-231724
Leadership talk with Prof. T. G. Sitharam, Hon’ble Chairman, All India Council for technical education 30-1-2023 IICReport_M22-232179
Creating YUKTI innovation repository & participation in Innovation challenge 15-4-2023 IICReport_M22-241829
National Technology week inaugural address of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India 11-5-2023 IICReport_M22-242701
CELEBRATING INDIA'S PRESIDENCY OF THE G20 29-8-2023-31-8-2023 IICReport_M22-232180
IPR AWARENESS PROGRAMME 4-2-2023 IICReport_S22-2360323
Lecture Workshop on Patent Filling and Drafting at National and International Level 18-2-2023 IICReport_S22-2359175
National conference on Smart Intelligent Computing and Applications 24-3-2023 IICReport_S22-2381833
Creativity and innovation 11-4-2023 IICReport_S22-2381710
NASSCOM-sponsored ‘Digital 101 programme’ 11-4-2023 IICReport_S22-2381725
Workshop on Raspberry pi 12-4-2023 IICReport_S22-2381738
National conference on Emerging trends in Mechanical Engineering 20-4-2023 IICReport_S22-2381732
Campus to corporate 26-4-2023 IICReport_S22-2381728
BSE-sponsored ‘Financial literacy program’ 29-5-2023 IICReport_S22-2381723
An Overview about AI Enabled Learning through CHATGPT 27-7-2023 IICReport_S22-2381833
Lean six sigma yellow belt by MSME 7-8-2023 IICReport_S22-2381714
Webinar on Virtual lab 8-8-2023 IICReport_S22-2381717
Industrial visit to ISRO 25-8-2023-26-8-2023 IICReport_S22-2381831