The library has online, e-journals access through DELNET services. The library has a large and constantly growing collection of online resources such as NPTEL, e-journals, e-books, and so on. These e-resources are accessible anywhere in the campus at any time. We are using campus wide unlimited access.

Book reviews and trade catalogues are circulated to the Heads of the departments and on their recommendation, the list of books and journals are finalized.

  • Online sources to trace latest publications.
  • Library committee scrutinizes and approves the requirements of each department collected by the librarian. Books are also purchased by visiting book exhibitions arranged by leading publishers/distributors.

OPAC: OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) is provided to the users through NIRMALS library software.

Library Automation:

Library materials and services are automated with commercial software package called NIRMALS. All the transactions are fully computerized. The bar-coded ID and the scanner are used for charging and discharging the books.

Total number of computers for public access : 24

Total number of printers for public access : 3

Internet bandwidth speed : 96 Mbps and Wi-Fi facility available.

Institutional Repository : Yes.

  • Question bank.
  • Thesiss (students projects)
  • Newspapers (last six months)
Provide details on the following items:
Average number of walk-ins / day 650
Average Number of books issued / returned / day 256
Ratio of library books to students enrolled 1/12
Average number of books added during last three years 4182
Average number of login to (OPAC) 56
Average number of login to e-resources 54
Average number of e-resources downloaded / printed: 25

Working hours:
On working days 08.00 A.M. – 07.00 P.M.
On holidays 08.30 A.M. – 04.00 P.M.
Before examination days 08.00 A.M. – 08.00 P.M.
During examination days 08.00 A.M. – 08.00 P.M.
During vacation 08.30 A.M. - 05.30 P.M.