Robotics and Automation

Robotics and Automation is a Four Year B.E programme launched in the year of 2017 to produce Robotics and Automation engineers to cater the growing industry demand in the areas of robotics and industrial automation. The curriculum and syllabi for the programme is designed by envisaging the future needs in the industry including the hands-on experience of Robotics and Automation Theory & Practice. This Programme facilitates development of analytical skills, modeling and simulation skills to identify and analyze problems, decision and execute solutions. The Programme includes Sensor and Actuators, Engineering Mechanics, Electrical and Electronic Circuits, Control system, CNC machining, 3-D printers and CAD design software. Moreover the aspirants will be exposed to discipline specific hardware and software tools like MATLAB, Robomaster, Robocell and other specialized industrial robotic control and simulation software through internship and industry linked programs.


To develop robotics and automation engineers with systems and interdisciplinary approach keeping pace with changing technologies.


By providing quality education through effective teaching learning process to meet the industry requirement.

By equipping hands on training through project based approach to fulfill the industries expectation.