VISHAKA cell (Internal Complaints Committee) strives to eliminate work-place sexual harassment since women have the right to work in safe and secure environment. It is the responsibility to ensure safety of women in a work environment and improve their participation.

Composition of Vishaka Cell
S.No. Members Designation Department
1 Dr.K.Elangovan Convener Principal
2 Mrs.K.Preetha Co-ConvenerEEE
3 Ms.T.Geetha Staff Members CSE
4 Mrs.Krishnapiya BME
5 Mrs.G.Preethi sindhu CIVIL
6 Mrs.Rekha ECE
7 Mrs.K.Vigneshwari FOOD TECH.
8 Mrs.N.Suguna MBA
9 Ms.Sowmiya MCA

  • To provide a safe working environment.
  • Organize workshops and awareness programmes at regular intervals for sensitizing employees on the issues and implications of workplace sexual harassment.
  • Organize orientation programmes for members of the internal complaints committee.
  • To treat sexual harassment as a misconduct under the service rules and initiate action for misconduct.
  • Display Guidelines to create awareness about the rights of female employees